Double G
We don’t need to sell the most hams, we only need to sell the best
— Glenn Gatzert, Founder

The Double G Story

i’m glenda hoerstkamp, In 1958, my father, Glenn A. Gatzert, started producing quality hams. His secret has always been to use natural ingredients to preserve the taste of a full flavored ham. To do this, we maintain the correct balance of salt and sugar, specifically brown sugar and cane sugar, to achieve a mellow, sweet taste.

Unique features of our products, beyond our ingredient formulation: we allow our hams to cure after they’re injected for at least 24-48 hours. This allows for a complete distribution of cure to every uscle of the meat and eliminates the possibility of under cured hams.We have chosen to remain with natural hickory smoke instead of liquid smoke, which gives our hams a delicious smoked flavor all the way through the ham.

We’ve been at our current location in Pacific, Missouri since October, 1997. after my father retired, i took over as president of our company and our hams are sold in over 30 states.

I encourage you to get to know our company, try our hams and taste the difference. thanks for stopping by and i look forward to seeing you as a customer for a very long time, thanks!


old fashioned tradition

quality and flavor

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Why Double G Hams?

Family owned, family first. In Pacific, Mo., Glenda Hoerstkamp runs Double G Brands, curing hams in the German tradition her father Glenn Gatzert taught. Here hams are trimmed and seasoned with a wet cure, then left for about 24 hours before being slow smoked. The result is a juicy ham with a flavor enhanced by the seasoning of the hardwoods used in the smoker.