double g hams

2243 Rose Lane, Pacific, MO 63069



Started in 1958 by Glenn A Gatzert, Double G Hams stand out for our quality and commitment to excellence. Beyond our ingredient formulation, we allow our hams to cure after they are injected for 24-48 hours. This allows for a complete distribution of cure to every muscle of the meat and eliminates the possibility of under cured hams. We’ve chosen to remain with natural hickory smoke instead of liquid smoke, which gives our hams a delicious smoked flavor all the way through.


President, CeO

Glenda Hoerstkamp; President Double G Brands, Inc.

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Double G Hams have been located at their same location in Pacific, Missouri since October of 1997. When we first moved into our location it was 12,000 square feet but in 2008 we doubled in size due to the great customer base who continue to come back year after year for their Double G Ham.



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