All Double G hams are fully cooked once they leave our smokehouses, and can be eaten straight from the package. However, many people like to eat their ham oven-warmed, grilled, seared, or fried.  


Grilling a ham steak adds an entirely new level of flavor, as does frying ham slices.  Because our ham is fully cooked, all you have to do is heat or sear it to your taste preference.


Oven warming is quite simple.  We have found that for most peoples taste, placing the ham in a roasting pan, covering, and warming at 300F for 10 minutes per pound is perfect.  You can vary this to suit your taste. 


Please note that Double G hams are prepared in such a way as to preserve their natural juices.  It is not necessary to add any type of liquid to the roasting pan.  Actually, adding a liquid can distract from the flavor of a Double G ham.  After all, ours is the one ham that                             Tastes like ham used to taste.