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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Briefly describe your product (ingredients, packaging, suggested preparation method, etc.).
Q. What makes this product unique?
We strive to maintain our hams to an old fashioned tradition of quality and flavor.  By the reactions of our customers, we are succeeding. 
Q. What was the inspiration behind the product's introduction?
Double G was started by our father who wanted to bring to the public a ham that tasted the way hams used to taste. 
Q. Who is the target customer for this product?
Q. What products are its main competition?
Numerous taste tests have proven that we have little competition when it comes to flavor. 
Q. What is the suggested retail price for this product?
Our hams are competitively priced.
Q. What are some of the retailers selling this product?
Locally, we can be found at all of the largest St. Louis grocers, as well as many of the smaller stores and some Wal Marts.  Nationally, we can be found in Hy Vee stores and, through our brokers, numerous grocers and restaurants. 
Q. How has this product performed so far?  What kind of feedback has it generated?
Through our sales force and Web site, we receive comments regarding our product.  Generally, these reflect that we are accomplishing our goal of producing Ham that tastes like ham used to taste.  When we are told that we have somehow missed the mark, we follow up in an effort to see is there is anywhere we can improve what we are doing.

Double G    "Ham that tastes like ham used to taste"

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